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v3.5 | 22 12 01

Austria Today online, 14.10.2000

::Public Netbase t0 in financial trouble

The Government has withdrawn funding for a popular Austrian web site for artists because of an alleged mismanagement of accounts Dozens of organisations from Austria and abroad have published a protest letter over the Internet - demanding support for the popular Austrian Internet culture web site - Public Netbase t0.

The web site, which is a forum for artists who wish to express their ideas, is threatened with closure after the withdrawal of Government support. In addition, the exhibition space planned for Public Netbase in the Museumsquartier in Vienna has been cancelled.

The subsidy cuts are a result of Public Netbase’s alleged mismanagement of accounts. But the group claim that the reasons are purely political and economical.

The Public Netbase site has been critical of the Government and uses its pages as a base for "political agitation".

The letter published over the Internet, which was signed by representatives of 100 organisations including the Tate Modern in Britain and Ars Electronica in Austria, states: "Unfortunately since the change of Government, Public Netbase has been accused of scheming and of provoking unjustified onslaughts against the Government. The reduction of Government subsidies is an attempt to silence the critical voice of Austria."

"We demand that the Austrian Government recognise the pioneering role that Public Netbase have played in media-art and culture and that they should allow the organisation to continue their work in the Museumsquartier. Public Netbase have enriched every cultural resource - something necessary for Austria, which in this new century should be building on their renowned cultural legacy."


~Austria Today online




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