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v3.5 | 22 12 01


Following the compromise achieved between Public Netbase and the management of the Museumsquartier in August this year, it already became evident in early autumn that the agreement was not being honoured by the Museumsquartier executives. This is why Public Netbase felt the need to draw attention to the insecurity surrounding the promised return to the Museumsquartier by placing a work of art in the main court of the MQ. (

Although the installation was met with overwhelming agreement on the part of visitors and the institutions of the MQ, the management has decided to act against Public Netbase with unprecedented ferocity. Even before the installation went into service, MQ staff violently intervened against its deployment, although the destruction of the object could be prevented in the last moment.

Instead of putting the August agreement into practice, the MQ management decided to mobilize its solicitors and to once again initiate litigation against artists and cultural workers. The director of the MQ again prefers to conduct his dialogue with net culture via legal agents. The legal action against Public Netbase for eviction and trespassing marks a new all time low in the developments in the Museumsquartier.

::Eviction orders revoked - Preliminary compromise reached between Public Netbase and MQ management
::Public Netbase in the Museums- quartier censorship in the run-up/during the preparations to the opening
::Subsidies granted by Vienna City Council enable Public Netbase to close 2000 free of debt – Public Netbase’s future still not secured...
::Structural Censorship.
Federal subsidy for Public Netbase t0 slashed by 50 %.

::A future in the Museumsquartier:
According to a new structural concept for the Quartier 21 Public Netbase t0 is set to remain in the Museumsquartier. But the critical questions concerning a future in the Museumsquartier remain open...

::International support:
open letter handed to State Secretary for Art, Franz Morak...



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