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v3.5 | 22 12 01

::The Museumsquartier - a venue without a future?

When Public Netbase received a note requiring it to relocate from its offices in the Museumsquartier by 30 April, 2001, 1200 art and culture projects were temporarily facing the termination of their work. As the notice did not contain any statements regarding a possible return to the Museumsquartier, nor any mention of alternative quarters, Public Netbase had to assume that the intention was to destroy the material foundations of one of the most successful cultural institutions of Austria.

~Right-wing government targets Public Netbase t0

~Public Netbase
~The Museumsquartier - a venue without a future?

~The programming of the Museumsquartier

~Quartier 21 - the remaining problems

~Political decisions

~Endless political harassment

~International solidarity in the face of national repression



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