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v3.5 | 22 12 01

::Quartier 21 - the remaining problems

The enthusiastic responses with which this preliminary decision concerning Public Netbase's future in the Museumsquartier met must not obscure the problems with regards to some the plan's detailed provisions. These concern two key issues: Firstly, Public Netbase has made it clear in all its previous statements that because of the amount of technical infrastructure required, a centre for media art needs at least a five years contract, any shorter duration would be inappropriate for its purposes. The plan that has been approved provides only for two years, following which a group of experts will decide on an extension.

Secondly, the rent and overheads indicated in the plan would, in the case of Public Netbase, amount to almost half a million Austrian Shilling. This is an order of magnitude far beyond what could reasonably be expected. However, decision makers in cultural policy have so far remained silent in this matter.

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