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v3.5 | 22 12 01

::International solidarity in the face of national repression

It cheers to see the amount of international support in the face of repressive government policies. While State Secretary of Art Morak and other People's Party (ÖVP) and Freedom Party (FPÖ) politicians are trying to ruin Public Netbase through defamation and heckling, the solidarity and support from outside of Austria continues to gain in importance.

An example of exceptional appraisal comes from the Institute for Applied Autonomy. In response to the attempts by the federal government to intimidate the critical art and culture scene, the American artist group awarded, during the Prix Ars Electronica 2000, a prize in the amount of 50,000 ATS to Public Netbase t0 for its government critical works. This is an important sign of international support that allows Public Netbase t0 to continue tirelessly the battle against the extreme Right and its inhumane policies.

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~International solidarity in the face of national repression



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